looking for that bar lost in the city

Nota (dedicada a aquellos que le gusta cuando expreso ovbiedades): esta en ingles.

I don’t know if you are around anymore. Maybe you are hiding somewhere and you didn’t say. Maybe you are not hiding, and I am pretending that everything that happend, didn’t happen after all.

I wish I could change things, but I don’t think that I can change the outcome. Something was changing, and you didn’t even fight for us. You left me and all those years that were together, sharing memories and time. Lost time with friends is not waste time, someone once said, but now what I do will all that time?

Maybe one day I will find you in a bar lost in this city, full of pubs and places to hide. I know I have done everything to fight for it, I didn’t surrender in the first try, but you didn’t care, you wanted this and you got it. I belive that sometimes I could have do something more, that maybe was my fault, but it also think that what we have also worn down without a fight, a chance to say what had to be said.

I have solace in knowing that I did try, that I will find you in a bar, a face between the crowd, looking  a bit lost and a little like you know what you are doing, when you in reality don’t have a clue.

I just don’t want to feel like this anymore; like I a have a hole in my heart, that my heart wants something that is lost in a bar in the city.

Por Ruy Alvarez

poeta, dibujante de palabras. soñador