I do belive myself entitled to some things, but sometimes I feel a deep hole in me. To some I man of word and
thought, but to me I am man who like to wonder, to think that sometimes things should be different. Not because of an entitlement, because it is an unfair matter, maybe even it is something that reflect us whole.

In a world of slavery, there are no masters, only slaves. In a world were a few own and others don’t, some will question, some will try to change and some will wonder why. In a perfect world…well who cares, such things are only made in offices of mad men in suits.

I really wonder if my fellings of entitlement are mine, or something that everyone expect that some should have and some simply don’t. Like a law observed by a social court, where evidence and truth are matters not so important like many others.

Why I feel like sometimes that if I don’t have something, like one of my friends may have, I am lesser person?
Why I go to places where men of entitlements are ghosts? Promises made that no one expect to be a reality, looking for something, redemption maybe, forgiveness.Why I am Looking to learn about life, the universe and the meaning of everything, when this things have answers that comes only in 7 1/2 million years?
Why I should feel entitlements to anything? who am I? I am something?

In the end, entitlements are the social currency, and I am a simple slave in a heat wave thinking of the coming Christmas and New Years festivities to really care for anyone else, because I am that sort of man, I just wonder endlessly…like i was entitle to…

Por Ruy Alvarez

poeta, dibujante de palabras. soñador