Broken inside and destroyed outside

Is amazing how people can express love, sympathy with you and in a split of a second, say: no more. I love you but fuck you, I hate you, I don’t want to talk with you again ever.

Is more amazing that is happened in my life with girls, maybe because she needed to think that to be strong is to meant to be a space where nobody know something about, is a place where the king is like love: a ghost.

Right now, I know that the woman in my life don’t talk with me. I tried to ask why, to understand her, to ignore suffering.  But is not working. I touched things that most girls don’t want to feel: love, or maybe i like it.

Maybe is me who is blind and do stupid things,  and need a makeover, maybe love need a new age and definition or a new value perhaps.

I don’t know much about women, except that this 3 ladys are saying that hate me, and in the other hands not being sure about it.

But I need to accept rejection, even when is the worst thing in life. I dont like people suffering and I dont want more lies. Is ok, leave me, you already give me something to warm bad times and bad memories: you.

Por Ruy Alvarez

poeta, dibujante de palabras. soñador